TRSA U11 Summer Solstice Tournament

Jun 21 to Jun 23, 2019

Trialist/Guest Players


June 22, 23 & 24


1. TOURNAMENT HEADQUARTERS / GAME SHEETS: Schedule updates will be posted online but will also be available at the Tournament HQ. ASA registered referees scheduled by TRSA will be recording game results and submitting to Tournament HQ. Game sheets are to be printed out and brought to the game by each team and handed to the referee.

2. TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE: The tournament will be structured so that teams of similar skill level will be able to compete with each other. Each team will play a minimum of 3 games. The goal of the tournament is for all players and families to have a fun weekend of soccer. Round robin format with crossover will be used where possible. Special requests for scheduling should be made when registering the team (i.e. request no game Friday etc.).

3. TEAM ELIGIBILITY: Tournament is open to any U10 team within the province of Alberta. All TRSA teams are automatically entered. U11 Community based teams (EMSA, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, etc.) and U11 Developmental teams including EMSA Premier and EIYSA U11 Developmental and any other developmental or community programs within the province of Alberta or beyond are most welcome to participate.

4. ROSTERS: Maximum Roster size is 16 players. Team Rosters are required to be entered onto the online registration site, please follow the instructions . Teams are allowed a maximum of four(4) guest players. Guest players must have a signed letter of consent from their team coach. Guest players must be from same tier or lower or a lower age group.These are to be submitted to Tournament HQ or e‐mailed prior to the first game of the tournament for each team. No player will be allowed to play on more than one team. Proper identification and proof of age must be provided upon request.

5. RAIN‐OUT POLICY: Scheduled games will proceed rain or shine. In the event of unsafe conditions (extreme weather, lightning; refer to SWEMSA lightning policy, standing water, or any other unsafe conditions as determined by the tournament chair or officials; the games may be canceled and the result recorded as a 3‐3 tie. It is the responsibility of the team to determine if a game is proceeding or has been cancelled. In the event of a default by one team, the defaulted team will be awarded a 3‐0 loss, and the team that attended the match will be awarded a 3‐0 win. Games will not be postponed or rescheduled.

6. MERCY RULE: There will be a five(5) goal mercy rule. No score will be recorded with a goal differential of greater than five(5) goals. Games to be played to conclusion regardless of score.

7. POINT CALCULATIONS: Three(3) points for a win, one(1) point for a tie. All round robin segment standings shall be determined by the following tie‐breaker rules:

2 Way Tie‐Breaking Procedure

3 Way Tie‐Breaking Procedure

Previous Match Result

Goal Difference

Goal Difference

Least Goals Against

Most Goals, still tied coin toss


8. PENALTY KICKS: Will be used to decide games that require a result after the round robin games are complete. In a game which requires a result FIFA rules for penalty shootout will be used but instead of five(5) initial shooters from each team there will be three(3) players to take penalties. Referee will initiate a coin flip with the coaches to determine which team will shoot first. Teams alternate shots on the same net until all three(3) players on both teams have shot (unless a winner has been determined prior to all 3 players shooting). In the event that teams remain tied, coaches will select one(1) new player from each team (that has not kicked before) to take the next penalty. This process continues until one team scores and the other does not. The penalty spot is to be located seven(7) yards in front of the goal, this differs from FIFA rules but will be necessary for the mini soccer children involved. The referee will measure this distance.

9. REFEREES: All referees are ASA certified and are assigned by the tournament. Their decisions on the interpretation of the Laws of the Game are final.

10. U11 GAME STRUCTURE AND RULES: The EMSA SW Zone Rules for City wide U10 will be followed. They are attached to this document. The only deviations are: (a) the game duration will be 2 x 25 minute halves (not 30 minutes) and (b) see Retreat Line for goal kick rule below.

11. CREASE RULE / GOAL KICK S: There is no crease rule for U10 so players can score within the crease. On goal kicks players of the opposing team must stand outside of the line behind the goal area (RETREAT LINE approximately 1/3 line of the field) until the ball is kicked at the goal kick. As soon as the opposing team touches the ball the defending team may enter the area. The opposing team can stand anywhere within the field on their goal kicks but must be outside of the crease to receive a pass from a goal kick. See field layout attached.

10. PROTESTS: The tournament will handle any protests or concerns and decisions will be final.